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My Phone Genie

Gene, Mobbsy, Jaz and Naoko.

My Phone Genie is a British children's comedy-drama series about a young girl with a genie in her mobile phone. The series premiered on 1 January 2012 and will run for 26 episodes, airing on CITV and ITV1.


Moonscoop, UK production house Talent Television and Telegael in Ireland have co-produced a brand new live action with special effects show 'My Phone Genie'. The 26 half hour episode series is commissioned by CiTV in association with ZDF/ZDF Enterprises.

Promising off-the-wall comedy capers and heightened reality, My Phone Genie is aimed at international audiences aged 12+. As well as a live action television series, the producers have developed the series as a multi-platform offering and plan to grow the brand via technology relevant to the target age group.


Remember the genie who used to live in a lamp in the old folk tale? He’s found a hi-tech modern home in a phone. All eleven year-old Jasmine Hart wanted was the free ringtone download advertised in an online advert, but instead she got landed with Gene in this new live action comedy.

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Series 1 (2012)Edit

The series first aired on 1st January 2012, starting with the first half of thirteen episodes. The second half of thirteen episodes is currently broadcasting this fall,
  1. Serve and Protect
  2. Home Movie
  3. It's a Jungle in Here
  4. Growing Pains
  5. The Sleepover
  6. Talk to the Hair
  7. Cheat
  8. Pene's Perfect Date
  9. Garage Band
  10. The Exciting Life of Jaz
  11. Clever
  12. The Party
  13. Double Losers
  14. Side FX
  15. Jaz Plastic
  16. Unfriend Me
  17. Upgrades
  18. Sisters
  19. Saving Face
  20. Parents' Day
  21. Indoor Activities
  22. Grounded
  23. Technical Hitch
  24. Superheroes
  25. Dumb and Dummy
  26. Mobbsy's Girlfriend

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In the UK, My Phone Genie airs on Sundays at 09:00 on both CITV and ITV1, and Wednesdays at 17:00 on CITV. The show will also be broadcast in Germany through ZDF in 2012.

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